Hi!!!! :)
So all the transfers took place.  I stayed in Cabedelo and my new companion is a North American named Sister East.  Adoro-la!  We´ve been having so much fun together and I´m learning SO much!  I´m so excited to work with her.  Oh my gosh I love her so much!  It´s so weird being able to speak English in our house!

Sunday night, when we got to Luzimar´s,  Irmã Carina walked out and said, "You have people waiting for you."  My thoughts were ´what??`´ and then out of the house walked four other sisters!  It was a party!  Luzimar made dinner for all of us and then all the sister missionaries had a big sleepover with all the mattresses on the ground in our apartment.

Happy Smile!
Monday we went teaching with 4 sisters!  It was so awesome.  It was so cool teaching lessons with all 4 of us together.  It was so cool seeing how everyone teaches and everyones different testimonies.  All the girls are so strong and so awesome but all in different ways! :)

The next day we had a conference with our whole mission!!!  It was with Elder Christensen and Elder Mazzagardi!  Sooo awesome.  Elder Christensen talked all about Spiritual revelation and the Holy Ghost.  He said that first the spirit just talks to you in yes and no´s.  Then as you try to get closer to it you can hear words, then sentences.  He said that one prophet told him he gets paragraphs and sometimes pages.  Elder Christensen said, ´wow that´s when I realized I need to study more about spiritual revelation´´.  He said that sometimes we think the prophets have it easy.  Like the prophet wakes up with a list of things to do that day beside his bed.  Nope!  They spend hours and days praying in the temple to receive guidance and spiritual revelation.  He said we have no idea how much time they spend.  It made me think, wow!  I really want to grow closer to my Heavenly Father so I can get more guidance from him!

We took a ferry to Lucena!  Lucena is a vacation place with lots of palm trees and gorgeous beaches.  I felt like I was in Jurassic park arriving at this island with a whole bunch of trees.  It hit me again, ´Wow! I´m way out here in Brazil!`´ 
It felt like our bus was arriving in Jurassic Park!

I love you!  Love, Kim