The New Brazil Natal Mission

We are getting a Chapel!

Sister Christensen and I have been having a blast in Mossoro.  It was just announced that this town will get a new Capela!  We've been meeting in a little house, but now there will be an actual church building built.  The bishop announced it through tears from the pulpit on Sunday.  And everyone was so happy they started crying.  After the meeting, we took a big picture together.  It makes me realize once again one of the many things I took for granted growing up in beautiful Utah.  I'm so grateful for everything I've had, but I'm also so grateful for the wonderful opportunity to serve a mission where the church is growing!  I'm grateful for this opportunity to help in spreading God's Kingdom here on earth, to share the gospel to people who have never even heard of the church before. 

Batismo de Luiz!  After his baptism I asked him, "Como se sente?  and he responded, "Sinto que entrei as portas do evangelho." (I feel like I entered the doors of the gospel).  What made the baptism special was when his dad walked in five minutes before he was baptized.  His dad was baptized a long time ago, but has been away from the church and avoiding us every time we went to teach Luiz.  I love the way the gospel ties families together. :)

 I'm so grateful for this opportunity to be a missionary!  My favorite moments ever have been when we're teaching the gospel and I can tell that they're getting it!  My second favorite time is the treasured time we have every morning to study the scriptures.  Yes, there are sad times when people won't accept Christ into their lives, but I am grateful for this time that I have with no other distractions or restrictions on my time than opening my mouth and sharing Heavenly Father's gospel with His children.

Com Carinho,
Sister Johnson :)

May 9, 2013

I got transferred north to Mossoro!  But first I want to tell you about Queimadas because I love the people there with all my heart!  Most recently we baptized Milena's mom and Cacau.  It was during stake conference and everything looked pretty.  I love how the gospel changes peoples lives.  God is truly working miracles there. 

Tuesday night is called Noite de Integracao and once again we were in charge of it.  We had Tiago start the Restoration movie while Sister Matos and I ran home to make popcorn and juice.  We had the members practice sharing the Book of Mormon with their friends and then we played Backwards Charades (a game I learned from Shea Moon :))  I didn't know I was being transferred yet, but as we ran to grab Chocolate Tapioca for perhaps the last time that night, I had a feeling kind of leave me like this wasn't my area anymore.  

I didn't want to leave the people in Queimadas!  But I am ready to learn new things in Mossoro.  My new companion is from Kansas!