This is a picture when it was announced that Abolicao Mosorro will be getting a new chapel in 2014!  the bishop announced it through tears at a Fast & Testimony meeting at the pulpit.  I'm so grateful to be serving a mission here where the church is growing!  I'm grateful to be spreading God's Kingdom here on earth!

While walking to an appointment this week we saw two teenage girls behind us.  They called, telling us to stop.  At their school, they are discussing and doing projects about foreign countries.  they get extra credit if they bring someone from the country of their project.  We told them we would come if they came to church. :)  They all came to church on Sunday, they loved the Young Women's program and they get along with all the young women at church.  And now on Wednesday we are going to their school class.
We watched General Conference in an air-conditioned room!  I loved the talk about the power of the scriptures.  I know I can go to the Book of Mormon with any question and I will find an answer.  Our mission president talks about how we can master all the techniques in the teaching manuals, but the real success as a missionary comes when we become like the Savior.  How does Christ love these people?  How would He serve them?  We must try our best to stand in His shoes.  And not just during our missions, but all through life.  It is heartbreaking when people don't want to accept the gospel into their lives, but I know that Christ feels heartbroken too, and so I must be patient like He is.  I love being a missionary.  I know that it's when we set challenging goals and then we rely on the Lord that we reach our true potential.  I think it's a lot higher than we are willing to let ourselves believe.  

I sit here writing you in front of my fan blowing hot air in my face.  I love working in this area of Mossoro.  It's super hot, 100 degrees with high humidity, and we're heading into summer here, but the people here are awesome.  This week we're inviting as many as we can to listen to General Conference.  "Hey, this Sunday, Let's go to church...You get to listen to a prophet!"  And if they can't come to church we tell them about