I´m happy being a missionary and planting seeds of the gospel!  It´s so much more fun to think about how I'm doing good by being a representative of Jesus Christ, bearing testimony, saying prayers, doing service.  I love teaching people to do Family Nights, and how to grow closer to Christ.  And when people are ready to hear more, give them more.  But I always try to share what I have by testifying of what I believe in wherever I go.  I will do that more eu testifico!!! vou fazer isso! 

Irmão husband of Irmã played Sudoku with me!  Or well I taught him!  It was awesome!  They´re the older (60 or 70) year old couple that has us over every Sunday night-but we pass by a lot more than that.  I love them.  They told me and my companion, if anybody says that you´re invited over for Christmas Eve dinner, say that you have another commitment.  Todo mundo está na casa deles todos os domingos :) eu amo o la.  Onde eu sinto o mais amor. I made brownies for everyone Sunday night--it was really fun. 

There are many beautiful horses and donkeys roaming wild.

Also, next week is our mission Natal!!! (Natal means Christmas)  I´m so excited!  We´ll get to pick up more letters again! :) 

Tchau ! Tchau! I miss you like crazy, sempre!!!

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  1. Kimberly, ja li todos os teus posts. Acho fantastico a maneira na qual voce descreve as coisas que acontecem na sua missao. Adoro mesmo! Estarei voltando para Cabedelo no dia 11 de janeiro e para minha tristeza nao verei mais voce para falar do evangelho. Mas fico feliz em saber que voce vai para Natal "cidade muito bonita e que vais gostar muito". Mesmo no mar oro por voce e toda tua familia.

    Que Deus abencoe voce no nome de Jesus Cristo!