Miracles in Queimadas

Wow!  This past week has been one of the best weeks of my life.  I love the quote from Quintin L. Cook, "Peace comes from knowing we're doing what God wants from us and knowing that He knows who we are."

This Sunday we had a baptism!  I had the opportunity to find and teach the sweetest girl, Milena. (I´m starting to really like that name.) She´s one of the purest girls I´ve ever met.  She´s 13 years old and went to conference with some of our investigators 2 weeks ago.  Last week, she went to church and told our Young Women´s leader that she had a feeling she needed to be baptized.

Monday night was our first lesson with her and 3 youth from the branch.  Wednesday night she said her first prayer with us.  I´ve never heard a sweeter prayer in my life! She thanked God for sending ´´the sisters to my house´´ and she thanked Him for the transformation she´s had.  (It was also one of the longest prayers I´ve ever heard).  On Friday night she prayed that her aunt could get married, so she could get baptized too.  She is a gem!

The day of the baptism was ´´corrido´´.  After buscando pesquisadores, gathering people to come to church in the morning, entertaining 15 primary kids the first hour, teaching Gospel Principles class, we were able to get ready for the baptism.

The baptism was beautiful.  All of her family came and watched.  So, we ended up having ´´14 investigators´´ at church.  I asked Milena how she felt afterwards and she responded, ´´Eu sinto como uma nova pessoa.´´  "I feel like a new person."   Happy day! :)

We found and visited a new family of members that moved into our branch from Campina! We´ve almost reached our goal for the church to build a capela here.

It´s been raining here like crazy.  And during the ´´epoca de chuva´´ or rainy season,  millions of ants come out from under the ground.  One species has a body 2´´ long + giant wings,  "Icas".  Sis. Matos and I were surprised to find out that the people EAT THEM!  You pluck off their rear end and fry it in oil.  A delicacy!  Mmmmm Protein!

We found a família muito linda last night.  Maria do Socorro (who was baptized a month ago) has been growing immensely spiritually.  I never knew I could feel such joy watching her and her family progress in the gospel!  Her husband (also a recent convert and 2nd counselor in the branch presidency) gave a Book of Mormon to the husband of this family.  Sunday evening, Maria brought us to meet the family. The lesson was full of the spirit! I don´t think I´ve ever felt so much light inside my chest. Sister Matos and I walked back to our apartment last night overwhelmed with joy!   I hope we´re able to help them progress, if not, it was a marvelous step in helping them come closer to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Another perk to the week: We now have running water throughout the day!! And we have an option to make the water.... WARM!  Wow I´m so glad I wasn´t a pioneer.  I´m so grateful for running water.

I love you all so so much! I think the biggest thing I´m learning so far on the mission is how to serve.  At home when I got tired, I just wanted time to myself.  But here my capacity to keep going is growing.  Even when my legs, back, feet are aching, we walk up one more hill, teach one more lesson, make one more street contact.  I´m learning how to go the extra mile in my service to God.  I love Him so much and I´m so grateful for the Spirit that does ALL the teaching in our lessons.  I´m just working on being the clean vessel, so He is able to work through me.

Also, Queimadas has a shortage of water.  We were able to get the baptismal font completely full!! God is working miracles here in Queimadas.

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