We watched General Conference in an air-conditioned room!  I loved the talk about the power of the scriptures.  I know I can go to the Book of Mormon with any question and I will find an answer.  Our mission president talks about how we can master all the techniques in the teaching manuals, but the real success as a missionary comes when we become like the Savior.  How does Christ love these people?  How would He serve them?  We must try our best to stand in His shoes.  And not just during our missions, but all through life.  It is heartbreaking when people don't want to accept the gospel into their lives, but I know that Christ feels heartbroken too, and so I must be patient like He is.  I love being a missionary.  I know that it's when we set challenging goals and then we rely on the Lord that we reach our true potential.  I think it's a lot higher than we are willing to let ourselves believe.  

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  1. Querida amiga sister, saudades e boa missão pra você!