Kim leaves the MTC and arrives in Joao Pessoa!

Oí !!! 

This is the street Kim lives on.
I can´t believe I´m here!  Those first few hours all felt like a dream!  There were 4 other Americans and 8 other Brasilians traveling to João Pessoa (super nice that we were at the airport with Brazilians who could speak Português to figure everything out)  The flight was about 3 hours.  President and Sister Hall were waiting for us at the airport.  They are soo nice!!   

We ate paninis (I love them here!  I wonder how much they eat paninis because we had them in Sao Paulo breakfasts as well)   I´m with a Brazilian companion!  Todas pessoas Americano receberam Brazilian companions!  She doesn´t speak any English--so i´m going to learn muito rapido!  (I can understand when they are using gospel vocab--but when the conversation goes elsewhere i don´t understand) 

It´s funny mom because I remember when you told me about your first experience when you got to Spain and everyone talks about how "this is not the language I learned in the MTC"  Well... this is the same language and I STILL don´t understand it. hahaha :)  Mas eu vou!

Sister Hall made a delicious dinner for all of us!  Best I´ve had since being home.  By the way.. in the Nordeste area they don´t have a daylight savings time, so I think we´ll be 4 hours apart when you change.

I don't know how to even describe it here!  The city of Joao Pessoa seems actually relatively calm compared to Sao Paulo-the buildings aren't as tall and big, not a TON of people.  The sun sets here at like 5:30 and it's super bright at 6 am! The name of my city is called Cabedelo.  It's about 30 minutes away from Joao Pessoa.  So I think you're good sending mail to the mission home and it shouldn't take too long for me to get.

It is hot here!  My companion and I had companionship study this morning.  I just practiced teaching the whole time!  We switched off.  I think I'm ok haha.  We're teaching people tonight!  She says I'm doing it right in Portugues, so I think I'll be ok.  Trevor sent me a way to invite someone to baptism in Portugues.  I wrote it down and practiced.  Então muito obrigada Trevor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Tchau Tchau!   -Sister Kimberly Johnson

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