Sister Christensen and Carol!  Love them so much!
     Some of our recent converts went to the temple in a big caravan with all the church members here and they came back just beaming!  I am sooo happy for them.
     This week we had a great lesson with a lady where I felt the Holy Ghost working really strongly with us.  She said she wasn't sure if God exists.  She has never felt Him working in her life.  As we talked with her, I asked her questions about what she wants for her future, and she said she would like her marriage to last forever.  I asked what "forever" meant to her.  We started talking about life after death and where her grandparents are.  I felt question after question coming to my mind and each one lead to her opening up and allowing us to testify of another gospel principle.

She was happy and I loved feeling the Spirit and seeing how well the Spirit was able to work through us to teach a daughter of our Heavenly Father.
     Wonderful friends made us delicious great bbq, churrasco, for lunch!

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  1. Que Deus continue abençoando todos desta missão!