I was so sad leaving Mossoro!  Bishop and Carol took me to the bus station.  They mean so  much to me and I really want to visit them in the future.  I'm now in Sousa!  It's back in the state of Paraiba.  Love my companion Sister Olla.  She was born in El Salvador but grew up in Texas so she's fluent in English, Spanish, and now Portuguese.  It is about 100 degrees here, and it's a branch.  So I've been in two wards and two branches.
 Spiritual thought for the week: The Liahona worked according to the faith, diligence, and the attention/need which they gave to it (1Nephi 16:28) so if we are faithful to our scriptures, prayer, service, acting like Christ throughout the day, we will get even more direction and guidance in our lives.  No matter who you are or where you're at there seems to be happy as well as challenging things.  Might as well be happy with goods and the challenges in life!
Love you! -Sister Johnson
Our view from my new place in Sousa!

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