We brought a whole new family to church today.  They are so sweet and they had a good day.  We taught the class on Eternal Families and what we can do in this life to have more harmony in the home.

This week as I started talking to an old woman in the street, she responded, "So what you're saying is...this is how you speak Portuguese in the country from where you're from." :)

 Lunch is usually rice, beans, spaghetti noodles, kus kus and chicken.  We only have cold water for showers, but I welcome it because it is 90 - over 100 degrees everyday!

We walked into a home where they had the BYU television station on!  That was the first home I've seen here with that station.  They were showing a volleyball game, and I realized that if I were back at school, there's a good chance I'd be at that game.  At that moment, I realized how much more valuable my time is being spent here.  I'm saving souls!  There's time to go to games, but for right now, I'm so happy using my time doing the most important thing on earth!

Yesterday we walked into a home where a teenage daughter was having a little argument with her mom, and it was escalating.  We whipped out our hymn books and sang, "Love at Home."  A good spirit entered the room and it changed the whole mood.  I love being a missionary and I love trying o do what Christ would do at each moment.  I love being his hands for these people here. 

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